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interior renovations

Within a period of four years, Dimensions Contracting renovated over 8 million square feet of interior office space. In 2006, this accomplishment led to Dimensions Contracting being ranked the 5th Largest Interior Finish-Out Contractor in the greater San Antonio area.

Many factors have contributed to this accomplishment. One of the most important of these factors has been meeting our clients’ deadline. The deadline is the key to any interior renovation. Developing a project schedule, including identification of critical path items, milestones, cable/data installation, furniture delivery and set up dates, fixture and equipment requirements is crucial in meeting a projects deadline. This combined with regular meetings with the owner, end user, architect, engineer and property manager ensures not only that the deadline is being met, but that the project is being built to their exact requirements and expected level of quality.

Permitting Your Project

The majority of all interior renovations require a city permit to be completed. To facilitate the process, Dimensions Contracting maintains a staff that specializes in permit applications, clearing inspections and obtaining Certificates of Occupancy..

During the course of the project should problems arise with regards to permitting, our knowledgeable staff in cooperation with the Owner and Architect can help quickly resolve these problems. The quick resolution of the problems will also help ensure the project deadline can be met.

Renovating an Occupied Space

Interior renovations in an occupied space require an above average contractor for the project to be successful. Communication is a key part of that success.

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