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GENEral contracting

When you select a general contractor, you are selecting a construction partner. Companies seeking general contracting services have the luxury of pre-qualifying a General Contractor with whom they feel comfortable doing business with. Through many years of experience we have determined that the collaborative approach to a construction project is the best approach. Only when all parties involved clearly understand the goals of the owner, can those goals be met.

Our willingness to listen and be responsive to clients sets us apart in our field. The relationships we develop among our clients and ourselves are long-term relationships. These relationships are built by maintaining a high standard of integrity, dealing openly and fairly, and meeting the client’s full expectations.

Dimensions Contracting performs many of the construction trades in-house. This provides an added benefit to the client in cost savings, and quality control. All of our craftsmen are skilled and knowledgeable in their fields. However, as is the case on any construction project, there is work that needs to be done by specialty subcontractors. For these specialty trades, Dimensions Contracting employs only subcontractors that have a proven record of performance and maintain a high level of professionalism.

Pricing Your Project

Our services are generally provided using one of the following methods:

  • Lump Sum Price
  • Unit Price
  • Cost Plus Price

Lump Sum Price: The majority of all projects priced by Dimensions Contracting are priced in a lump sum pricing format. In a lump sum contract, sometimes called stipulated sum contract, we agree to provide our construction services for a specific price. This price will not change during the course of a project, unless the client changes the scope of work to be performed. The client then agrees to pay the price upon completion of the work, or according to a negotiated payment schedule.

Unit Price: Unit pricing is often used when maintenance and repair work is desired, or when the full scope of work is unknown at the time of bidding. In a unit price contract, a fixed price is established for each unit of work, and the total price of the contract is dependant on the number of total number of units of work performed.

Cost Plus: In a cost plus contract, profit is set at an agreed upon fixed percentage. During the course of the project, all expenses are tracked, documented, and provided to the client. The client then agrees to pay all expenses related to the project at their actual cost, plus the agreed upon fixed profit percentage of the cost of the work.

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