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A retail location is a fixed location where goods or merchandise are sold. Purchasers for individuals or businesses, buy products directly from the retail establishment for their use. Locations such as a Strip Centers, Mall, Department Stores, Corner Stores, or Kiosks are considered retail locations, and are mostly found in the business district and commercial areas around the city.

Like any business today, retail businesses have to be attractive and appeal to their customers. Dimensions Contracting understands concerns challenging today’s retail businesses. We specialize in solving their problems with intricate plans, out-of-date designs, and restricted environments by providing creative solutions to these complex problems.

The critical "Grand Opening Day" is often the most crucial day for businesses. This day is advertised to the public months before the project is ever completed. Ever aware of this fact, Dimensions Contracting employs fast-track scheduling and building techniques to achieve these accelerated deadlines, and to guarantee our retail clients’ critical opening date.

Through many successful renovation and modernization projects, Dimensions Contracting has fostered strong alliances with our retail clients. These clients realize above all, our most prized attributes are quality and client satisfaction.

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Project: The Violet Hour
Designer: Gail Stewart

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