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Office building Projects

The purpose of an office building is to provide a workplace primarily for administrative and managerial workers. These workers usually have separate offices, each with a desk, computer, and other equipment they may need to complete their jobs. An office building can be divided into sections for different companies, or it may be dedicated to one company. In either case, each usually has a reception area, offices, executive offices, one or several conference rooms, breakrooms, and modular workstation areas.

Dimensions Contracting has a large presence in the South Texas office building renovation market. We work with many corporate clients directly, and indirectly through third party management companies, to plan for both the current and future use of their office spaces. We have performed in excess of 1,000 renovations in commercial office buildings in and around San Antonio and Austin. These renovations have included work for doctors, lawyers, banks, staffing companies, call centers, management firms, corporate offices, training centers, consultants, and etcetera.

Our attention to allowances, critical paths and building standards set us apart in this highly competitive industry. In addition, since we monitor this market closely, our building owners acknowledge that we understand they are in competition with other buildings to achieve and maintain high occupancy rates on their properties. Furthermore, we recognize the building owners depend on the satisfaction of their tenants in retaining them as occupants in their buildings.

Dimensions Photo Gallery

Project: Stanford Fiduciary
Architect: Edgecomb and Associates

Project: The Lynd Company
Architect: Stephen J. Kramer
Project: Atrium Renovation
Architect: Insite Architects
Project: Martin Marieta
Architect: The Dawley Group
Project: Legacy
Architect: Drewry Martin, Inc.
Project: Lucky Office Remodel
Architect: Insite Architects
Project: One Riverwalk Lobby
Architect: Insite Architects
Project: McAllister Plaza Atrium
Designer:Baber Investment Group
Project: Waste Management Office
Architect: Insite Architects
Project: Denali Software
Architect: Laura Burton interiors
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