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Higher Education is education provided by Universities, Vocational Universities, Career Colleges, and other Collegial Institutions that award academic degrees.

Higher education is voluntary education, which people seek out. In the United States, at some point in their lives, more than 40% of the entire population will enroll into an institute of higher education. It is therefore a very significant industry in terms of its exposure to the public.

Dimensions Contracting recognizes our clients need to keep their students in class, with minimal to no interruptions to their daily schedules. Our projects involving classroom renovations are properly scheduled, and constructed, to provide for the quickest completion possible without any long downtimes. Universities, academies, and continuing educational institutions recognize this attribute and have requested us to modernize, expand, and improve their facilities, without disrupting their daily operations.

Through working closely with our clients, Dimensions Contracting has created and maintained many long-term relationships within the higher education industry. Clients such as The University of Phoenix, The Academy of Healthcare and Sciences, Educational Testing Services, The Academy of Healthcare Professionals, and Top Model Modeling School have benefited from our well thought out approach to their remodeling needs.

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