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banking & financial Center Projects

Banking & Financial centers describe organizations that deal with the management of money. The Banking & Financial service industries are the largest industries in the world. They account for approximately 20% of the world’s Market Capitalization. As such, Dimensions Contracting understands there are many special needs surrounding these businesses such as security, appearance, and quality of finish.

The types of firms comprising the Banking Industry also include investment companies, stock brokerage companies, insurance companies, and credit card companies. All these provide a variety of money and investment related services.

Dimensions Contracting services the Banking & Financial market. Clients such as Wachovia, Compass Bank, San Antonio Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Stanford Investors, and Bank of America have benefited from our extensive knowledge of the desired “look and feel” of these finish-outs. Marble, granite, exotic woods, fabrics, and lighting are all blended together with simple paints and high-tech security systems and devices to provide a secure and appealing center for your business.

So whether you are constructing a new branch or updating the look of an existing Bank or Financial Institution, Dimensions Contracting is ready to serve you!

Dimensions Photo Gallery
Project: Bank of San Antonio
Architect: Drewry Martin, Inc.
Project: Bank of America Fitness Center
Architect: Insite Architects
Project: Dain Rauscher
Architect: Walsh Bishop Associates, Inc.
Project: Wachovia SA Corporate Office
Architect: Interprise
Project: Bank of San Antonio Corporate Office
Architect: Drewry Martin, Inc.
Project: Stanford Fiduciary
Architect: Edgecomb and Associates
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