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Help Name Mi Casa's Vision Program
May 29, 2015

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Dear friend of Mi Casa,
Last month, Mi Casa started a new program to help the children in our missions.  We are providing vision screenings and eyeglasses for all the children and caregivers.
Last month, we did 207 vision screenings that produced 24 prescriptions and 3 referrals to local doctors because eyeglasses alone would not help those children.
Two heart-moving stories that we experienced:
·         We learned of one boy who was being disciplined because the teachers thought he was being a troublemaker because he would not read when he was instructed to.  In reality, he could not see well enough to read the assignment.
·         Another 17 year old girl had amblyopia (lazy eye).  We were the first people in her life to diagnose her.  Unfortunately, if amblyopia is not diagnosed by age 8, the child’s brain will learn to ignore that eye, and the child will be blind in that eye the rest of her life.  Our hope is to provide these vision screenings every two years and diagnose children before it is too late.
We are looking for a name for our new program (ex.: Vision for Christ; already being used elsewhere).  At this time, we are providing these services to the children and their caregivers.  If possible in the future, we will offer these services to the elderly also.
We want the name to not only describe the program, but also move donors to want to give generously to make a difference in the future of the children’s lives.  We are asking your help in finding this new name.
Please send your suggestion(s) to

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