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safety through teamwork

Every day, at every jobsite, Dimensions Contracting provides a safe working environment not only for its employees and subcontractors, but also to the general public in and around an active construction site. We accomplish this through innovative safety processes and procedures, and a company wide attitude that places safety first.

Ensuring the safety of the worksite is paramount in the construction industry. In today’s litigious society, we do everything possible to protect our clients, employees, subcontractors, and ourselves from all the headaches a serious accident on the jobsite can cause. Given this important responsibility, Dimensions Contracting sets a higher standard of safety on its projects, than the standards it is required to keep by law.

For our clients, incident-free sites increase both the quality and quantity of the day’s construction activities. For our employees and subcontractors, it builds confidence and loyalty knowing that their safety or wellbeing is not being risked just to make an extra buck or two by performing the work in an unsafe manner. For the public, they do not need to worry about slipping or tripping on discarded items, or poorly placed floor protection products. They can come and go from the building reassured of their safety, good health, and wellbeing.
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