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The dream of Dimensions Contracting was designed and setup years before it came into reality. The President, Joe Dubbels, has values he wanted to follow that were instilled in him by his father. The Vice President, Mark Moscrip, shares these same values. Collectively they are committed to maintaining these values.

The key elements to Dimensions’ success are Quality and Customer Service. These elements are the backbone of Dimensions Contracting and have been since its inception.

In maintaining the focus on these two key elements, they have gathered together a team of dedicated professionals who hold to their same level of commitment to Quality and Customer Service. The Dimensions family repeatedly reinforces these reasons for their success. Daily they remind themselves of the “Why Wait Attitude”. “If we can do it today, why wait?”

These key components have carried Dimension Contracting through the years, and will continue in helping maintain its current alliances and in enabling it to create new ones.

  8615 Botts Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78217  Tel. 1 (210) 829-1388
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